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The 2023 NatWest International Island Games in Guernsey witnessed sheer bravery and unwavering determination from our very own Cayman Cycling athletes, Victor Magalhaes and Jerome Ameline.

Kicking off the action was the Individual Time Trial, a grueling 30km battle against the clock. The riders faced a demanding 27km loop along the flat West coast of Guernsey before conquering a heart-pounding 3km hill to reach the finish line. Despite high winds adding an extra layer of difficulty, Victor blazed through the course in an astounding 42:00 minutes, securing a stellar 30th place. Jerome fought hard later in the day, crossing the line strong with a time of 43:08 minutes and securing a commendable 41st place.

The Men’s Road Race pushed our courageous athletes to their limits. Narrow roads, tight corners, and challenging climbs created an electrifying atmosphere. With each pedal stroke, Victor and Jerome demonstrated their resilience and tenacity, hanging on for six grueling laps out of eleven. Their unwavering determination propelled them through the race, showcasing the true essence of Cayman Cycling. While narrowly missing the 8-minute time cut alongside a group of riders, their spirit and passion shone through.

The final event, the Road Criterium, had spectators on the edge of their seats. With treacherous conditions featuring tides of rain and high winds, the stage was set for an exhilarating showdown. Battling through an intense field, Victor and Jerome unleashed their strength and skill, navigating through the slick and wet roads with precision. Each turn held the promise of a riveting attack, and our heroes displayed tremendous stamina and control, defying the relentless elements. Victor’s outstanding performance secured him an impressive 28th place, while Jerome roared across the finish line in an admirable 31st place out of the 52 competitors. Their achievements stand as a testament to their unwavering dedication, fierce passion, and unwavering commitment to their sport.

By embodying the spirit of Cayman Cycling, Victor and Jerome have made us immensely proud. They have not only showcased their incredible skills but also portrayed the values and determination that define our Caymanian athletes. We applaud their relentless pursuit of excellence and their representation of our island with pride.