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Six of our local cyclists represented Cayman proudly at the 3-Stage Jamaica Cycling Classic race in Montego Bay. Kevin Connolly, Chris Bodden, Herman Myrie, Jeremy Solomon, Jerome Ameline, and Peter De Wit took on this thrilling UCI-rated challenge, competing against top teams from around the region. Supporting them were team managers Edward Harper, Lionel Durrant, and Liam Munn, who provided logistical, mechanical, and nutritional support.

Stage 1: A Gutsy Performance

The Cayman Cycling team made a strong showing in Stage 1 of the 2024 Jamaica International Cycling Classic. Facing elite teams from Colombia, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, the USA, and Ecuador, the competition was fierce. Colombia dominated, but Cayman’s Jerome Ameline impressed by finishing 19th overall, just +3:32 behind the winner.

Jeremy Solomon, in his first international competition, rode tenaciously to secure 24th place, +4:21 off the leader. Chris Bodden, also in his debut international race, finished commendably at +9:07, while Kevin Connolly battled to cross at +12:41. Despite a tire blowout, Peter De Wit recovered to finish +17:08, and Herman Myrie, hindered by severe cramps, rounded out the team at +19:39.

Stage 2: Testing Endurance and Determination

Stage 2 of the Jamaica Cycling Classic tested Team Cayman’s endurance as they faced Montego Bay’s challenging hills. Peter De Wit led the charge, finishing in the main peloton at 22nd place. Jeremy Solomon continued his strong performance, securing 35th position, with Chris Bodden close behind in 39th place.

Mechanical issues slowed Jerome Ameline, and traffic hindered both him and Kevin Connolly, costing them valuable time. Despite these setbacks, the team’s determination was evident as they powered through the grueling stage.

Stage 3: A Thrilling Conclusion

The final stage of the 2024 Jamaica International Cycling Classic ended on a high note. Jerome Ameline once again led Team Cayman, securing 33rd place. Jeremy Solomon and Chris Bodden followed closely in 36th and 39th places, respectively. Unfortunately, Peter De Wit was plagued by a series of flat tires, preventing him from completing the stage.

Reflecting on the event, the Cayman Cycling team gained valuable experience and insights. The 2024 JCC set the stage for an exciting racing season ahead, with the team emerging stronger and more determined than ever.

Stay tuned as Team Cayman continues to chase glory in future competitions. Full results can be found here.