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Recreational Rides

Group rides for every cyclist level can be found on Cayman's roads throughout the week.

Cayman's cycling community encompasses riders of all cycling levels and abilities. Our Strava Club (@caymancycling) is a great resource for local cyclists, newcomers to the island or visiting tourists seeking to ride with a group.

For information on group rides, locations, times and routes, click 'Join the Club' below. You can easily view the activities of other local riders, see shared routes that others have ridden and encourage each other with kudos!

Additional Resources


  • Most rides vary in pace with some rides/sections geared towards advanced riders, racers and those that have group riding experience.
  • Ride at your own risk and assume all responsibility for yourself and your equipment.
  • Helmets and lights are highly recommended.
  • Most rides are considered “pick-up rides” and have no leader. If you get dropped or have mechanical issues, you are very likely to be left behind on some of these rides.
  • Bring an appropriate bike in good working order, water, energy food, spare tube, pump & tools. Bringing a mobile phone and cash is also suggested.
  • It is recommended to confirm dates, times and any specific requirements for each ride.


Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous sport. The responsibility for each rider’s safety, fitness and the soundness of his or her bicycle lies solely with each rider. The weekly rides are open to the public and Cayman Cycling does not organise, sponsor, nor assume any liability for your participation in these rides.