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Cayman Cycling is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new Board of Directors for the 2024-2026 term. This esteemed group of individuals, representing a diverse cross-section of our vibrant cycling community, is poised to lead the organization into a new era of growth and development. We are confident that their collective expertise and passion for cycling will greatly benefit our members and the sport as a whole.

Meet the New Board Members:

Daniel Cummings – President
Returning as President, Daniel Cummings brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to advancing cycling in the Cayman Islands. His leadership and vision will be instrumental in driving the organization’s initiatives and fostering a strong cycling culture.

Wayne Kirkconnell – Vice President
Wayne Kirkconnell steps back into the role of Vice President, offering his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. Wayne’s strategic insights and dedication will support the President in achieving the board’s ambitious goals.

Edward Harper – Secretary
Edward Harper, a familiar face within the cycling community, will continue in the position of Secretary. His organizational skills and attention to detail will ensure that the board’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Christopher Bodden – Treasurer
As Treasurer, Christopher Bodden will oversee the financial health of Cayman Cycling. His expertise in financial management will be crucial in maintaining transparency and accountability within the organization.

Margott Lares – Director
Margott Lares will again serve as a Director, bringing fresh perspectives and a strong commitment to promoting cycling for all ages and skill levels. Her involvement will help expand the reach and impact of our programs.

Liam Munn – Director
Liam Munn will serve as a Director. His experience in competitive cycling and community engagement will be invaluable in shaping the future of Cayman Cycling.

Tracy Rankine – Director
Tracy Rankine, another passionate advocate for cycling, joins the board as a Director. Her efforts will focus on enhancing the inclusivity and accessibility of cycling initiatives across the islands.

Lionel Durrant – Director
Lionel Durrant, with his extensive background in cycling, steps into the role of Director. Lionel’s insights and commitment will be essential in driving forward key projects and events.

Peter De Wit – Director
Peter De Wit, a seasoned cyclist, will serve as a Director. His experience and enthusiasm will contribute significantly to the board’s strategic planning and execution.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Outgoing Members

As we welcome the new board, we also extend our deepest gratitude to our outgoing members – Sacha Tibbets, Gary Clarke, and Gareth Van Den Bergh. Their invaluable contributions over the past two years have been instrumental in developing the Association and promoting the growth of cycling in the Cayman Islands. Their legacy of dedication and hard work will continue to inspire us as we move forward.

Looking Ahead

With the new Board of Directors in place, Cayman Cycling is poised for an exciting future. The board’s diverse expertise and shared passion for cycling will undoubtedly drive the organization to new heights. We look forward to the innovative programs, events, and initiatives they will bring to our community.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we embark on this new chapter in Cayman Cycling. Together, we will continue to promote and develop the sport of cycling, fostering a healthier, more active lifestyle for all.

For more information and to stay connected with Cayman Cycling, follow us on social media, and together let’s ride into the future with enthusiasm and determination!